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Alwaalbi was born to transform energy commerce. Our aim is to redefine global petroleum trade through unwavering excellence and innovation.



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Based in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Alwaalbi stands as a beacon of success, navigating the intricacies of petroleum trade and procurement. 

Anchored by a rich legacy of expertise, we are strategically positioned at the crossroads of global energy trade, connecting the Middle Eastern ports of Fujairah and Hamriyah in the UAE, Sohar in Oman, as well as distant horizons like Johor in Singapore, Qingdao in China, Houston in the US, and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

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Energizing Solutions

Discover a spectrum of tailored solutions that drive success in the world of petroleum trading. At Alwaalbi, our services transcend boundaries, connecting continents and industries through excellence, innovation, and reliability. From strategic sourcing to seamless distribution, we are your partners in illuminating global energy trade.


How We Work

Inquire and Research

Our experts meticulously gather your needs, exploring every detail to ensure a comprehensive understanding. Through thorough market research and analysis, we identify the optimal solutions that align with your goals and specifications.

Due Diligence and Procurement

We rigorously assess suppliers, refining facilities, and logistical partners. Our global network and industry expertise enable us to secure the highest quality petroleum derivatives at competitive terms. Through meticulous negotiation and procurement, we secure the products that power your progress.

Seamless Delivery

As your trusted partner, we orchestrate the flawless execution of your order. Leveraging our strategic presence in key ports worldwide, we ensure timely and efficient delivery. From loading to transportation and offloading, our logistics experts handle every intricate detail, guaranteeing that your order reaches you on schedule.
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Collaborate for Excellence

As your partner, we work closely with your team to improve your supply-chain.

  • lower the pricing
  • increase the volume
  • Optimize the supply
  • get timely deliveries
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As your partner, we work closely with your staff to improve your supply chain.

work together

We believe in the power of partnership

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of energy trade, we invite you to join hands with us and embark on a journey of shared success. Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, or industry player, together, we can amplify our impact and fuel a future of possibilities. Let’s work together to illuminate the world with energy solutions that drive progress.


Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions about the oil industry answered

Alwaalbi is strategically positioned in key ports worldwide, enabling efficient distribution of petroleum derivatives. Our well-established network ensures timely deliveries, connecting global supply and demand seamlessly.

Alwaalbi's expertise lies in sourcing high-quality petroleum derivatives such as Diesel EN590, Kerosene JET-A1, and Gasoil. With meticulous due diligence, we ensure that our procurement meets the standards of even the most discerning professionals.

Alwaalbi acts as a reliable partner for industry players. We offer a streamlined procurement process, ensuring the consistent supply of petroleum derivatives. Our expertise and global reach facilitate efficient trade operations.

Alwaalbi integrates sustainability practices by adhering to strict environmental standards. We actively seek eco-friendly solutions, aligning our operations with environmentally conscious strategies.

Whether you're a supplier looking for a reputable trading partner or a distributor seeking quality petroleum derivatives, Alwaalbi welcomes collaboration. Together, we can leverage our resources to drive mutual growth.

Alwaalbi's due diligence process rigorously assesses suppliers, refineries, and logistics partners, ensuring the credibility of each link in the supply chain. This meticulous approach guarantees consistent, dependable procurement and distribution.

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