Reliable laboratory testing

Our supplies are rigorously tested by trusted third party laboratories to assure the quality and standards in accordance with EU, US and GCC legislation. 

Forging Partnerships

Fueling Progress

Thanks to our innovative approach and our alliances with top-tier refineries worldwide we are able to source the highest quality petroleum derivatives. Our allocations of Diesel EN590, Kerosene JET-A1, and Gasoil are assigned annually and distributed among our partners. Companies wishing to purchase from us must take part in a tender that’s published periodically on the website.

  • Premium Sourcing
  • Technological Excellence
  • Industry Collaboration

Emergency Hotline

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+971 58 526 5975
Reliability in Deliveries

Powering Tomorrow

Discover the heartbeat of our operational prowess captured in the storage tanks. With capacities designed to meet the demands of a dynamic industry, our tanks stand as a testament to Alwaalbi’s commitment to excellence in petroleum trading. We own tanks providing a reservoir of sourced Diesel EN590, Kerosene JET-A1, and Gasoil, awaiting seamless distribution to fuel industries and economies across the globe.

  • Strategic Reserves
  • Reliable Distribution
our network

Our Companies, Partners and Representatives

We are proud of the fact we have formed a highly efficient global team of industry experts. You may schedule a visit at any of our offices globally at your convenience.


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